When will the store have DPP44s in?

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Sep 25, 2003
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I thought I heard they are shipping now... How long will it be until they get to the store and how much will they be?
Dish has only got 100 units in and they are for engeneering and training use only, they are not available for retail sale. As mentioned on the Tech Chat last night they should be available to the public by April or May.
I wonder if they are going to start including some of these with the SuperDishes or allow customers to pay the difference in price to get a 44 instead of a 34.
People will be screaming for DP44s soon if VOOM and E* do some sort of transponder sharing at 61.5 for additional HD channels. I mainly want one to upgrade my legacy system to DP without having to buy adapters for 6000s.
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