where is 119 sat at?

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Feb 1, 2004
okay...I just installed my oval 18x20 dish with triple LNB and i'm trying to pick up HD channels for D*Tv....I can only get Sat A and C but on B I don't get any kinda of signal at all...can some tell me is it more to the right or left of my current position? thanks...I feel as I'm messing with it I might end up loosing all signal...thanks...
First thing:Is the mast level?with a multisat the mast must be level. Second:If you stand behind the dish are there any obstructions to the right of the dish? depending on where you live here the 119 comes in at about 29 degrees in elevation and 245 degrees southwest. If you check your coordinates in the menu you can see if a tree,neighbors roofline or something else might be impedeing the signal.These coordinates are off a little due to I look a little further off and down to ensure a proper line of site.
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