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Aug 9, 2005
Music City U.S.A
I can't wait for Charlie to tell me that they are the "HD Leaders", just imagine 5 channels of Dish Info HD.:D

Oh and we have updated and added more content to Dish Interactive, however you won't find it on our best receivers VIP 622/722 but only on 5 plus year old receivers e.g ESPN interactive.

Just getting bored waiting for todays uplink report. Digiblur where are you?


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Jul 30, 2007
Central KY
I hope Charlie recaps the digital tuner box they spent 30 minutes on during the Tech Chat only to tell us once again they are not available yet nor are they needed by anyone who is a Dish subscriber.

I think that was called "filling up the hour with something that will be helpful for someone sometime." But, as television programming goes, I've seen worse.

This is somewhat like the sword of Damocles, I would think: the viewing isn't bad, but the suspense is killing me.



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Dec 22, 2007
So Cal. H.D.
I saw it in a dream I had, Charlie is going to talk about how he went to Washington D.C. to stop The Famous Unfair Tax Act for a whole 45 minutes before he goes off the air until the next Charlie Chat. Also, Jim Defranco will talk the newest applications with that Idiot ITV guy, who is a joke and is very annoying.


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Nov 5, 2006
Northern California
To be fair to Charlie, back in the 1990's, the Charlie Chat was a very innovative concept - the only place you can call a CEO and ask questions.

Back then, the Chat was every month, and there were more questions, and very little slick advertising. Many tough questions were answered, including one Chat at the height of significant problems with the 501 DVR, where Charlie acknowledged and apologised for the problems.

One more than one occasion, Charlie took calls from people desperate for "NFL Sunday Ticket", and Charlie would simply advise them to subscribe to DirecTV.

The one problem with growth to 12 million customers is that it makes that sort of thing more difficult...


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Oct 24, 2006
Grand Island, NY
They should at least do the Charlie Chat in HD, like they did once a couple of years ago. That would add another HD channel in the line-up. :D

Better yet, they should have some of their foreign east indian csr's answer the phones when we call in, so we will feel right at home when we ask when are we getting some more HD!!!:p

They could even have a CSR Cohost the Chat as an employee achievement award. Welcome Dish Subs, and tonight our CSR of the Month is Robbie from New Delhi:eek:

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