Where IS the DISH HDTV network poll???

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May 4, 2004
There is big SUBSCRIBER ALERT on my DISH guide telling me to sign on to this website and vote about putting the 4 networks on my Satellite. I don't want that to happen! I have local cable and I cannot always depend on satellite to give me coverage during hurricanes and tropicals storms. I NEED underground cable for that security.
So far, this site is a confusing plethora of material that I am not interested in. SO>>>>>>>>>WHERE DO I VOTE? I don't like DISH'S deception in getting me to register to SATELLITE GUYS.
ummm what are you talking about, no where does it say to goto www.satelliteguys.us so I'm not sure how you got here...

It says to goto www.iwantmyhdtv.com to get more info and write your reps about allowing distant HD signals to be broadcasted to viewers that cant get a HD signal over the air, much like they currently do with stand distant nets

I don't know how having distant HD signals available on a dish effect your cable so you got me there...
You are not the first person to ask this. I have no idea how you got SatelliteGuys.US to vote for the HDTV poll. If you could tell us I would be interested, over the past two weeks there have been 3 posts here about this and I have received almost 25 emails asking where the poll is.

If you want to make your voice heard please go to http://www.iwantmyhdtv.com

We hope if you get a Dish you will stop by and see us again. :)
Would you please make it possible for us to watch our home stations-FT.Worth,Dallas ,Tx. We travel a lot in our motorhome and have always watched these on 110.Which has been cut out when we are out of the area. Please see that this is resolved asap.
Not related to this thread at all, and it's really old, but I'll answer your question.

The Dallas channels are on what's called a spotbeam on the 110 satellite which means that they can only be received within a certain area of the United states, specifically the area circled with #6 on the map below. If you go anywhere outside that region, you'll loose the spotbeam.

Sir, contact your media provider and ask them the same question... Satelliteguys.us is not owned by any major company.
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How to ?

I think we are all better now

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