Where to buy direct burial cable

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Feb 9, 2005
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I've been looking high and low and so far have only come up with ebay so far.

I'm looking for All of this siamesed:

2x RG6
whatever is required to operate the polarotor
whatever is required to operate an actuator
ground messenger.

Does such a cable exist?

The one on ebay seems to have all of the above less the ground.


I could always run a ground wire seperately, but it'd be that much easier to have it built-in to the cable.

I have a second question related to the cabling:

How do you terminste all these wires coming into the house? Is it the norm to just come through the wall and leave enough slack to hook up directly to the reciever or is there some kind of uber wall plate where all these wires would terminate to?

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