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Jul 1, 2004
It's been a while since I last used my 211z receiver while camping in my motor home, and at the time I used a DISH 500 antenna on a tripod and just aligned it by hand without a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, it's been a few years now since I've used it, and at 79 years of age, nothing seems to work like it used to anymore lol. I checked out everything before I left home and verified the receiver was still working after I added it to my account. Unfortunately, I had no such luck when I arrived at my camp site. I checked my cable and it's hooked up to the 119 side of the dual LNB (110 is the other) and I did a check switch update. I then used the old rotate and elevate method to find the 119 satellite, but didn't have much luck this time. No problem says I, I'll just download one of those new satellite finders and it'll be a piece of cake. Well, that's not quite true because I don't know the exact name of the satellite I'm supposed to be looking for since the app lists several satellite names with 119 in it and a multiple of Echo star satellites. Any feedback that would point me in the right direction (pun) would be appreciated. I'm currently staying in the 92382 Zip Code


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Nov 30, 2006
Address: 92382
Latitude: 34.2245°
Longitude: -117.1382°

Satellite: Dish 500+ (110W, 118.7W, 119W)
Elevation: 50.1°
Azimuth (true): 175.3°
Azimuth (magn.): 163.7°

Multi-LNB Dish 500+ (110wW, 118.7W, 119W)

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