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Jul 22, 2018
I've looked up & down on the forum for a few days & couldn't find my exact needs so here it goes.
I'm located at zip 70552. Tvfool has me at LOS 127° from my first signal to my right to my last signal to my left. My longest good (green) signal is 40 miles out. I have a Winegard amplified omnidirectional antenna in the attic which is approximately 15 feet above the outside ground that splits into four tv's averaging 20 feet of cable per tv. Channels I catch are hit or miss on average clear days, pixelation & lost signals are the norm. Thought about trying to amplify the signal, but amplifying a weak signal is still weak. Also, installing the antenna outside is a no go. No obstructions as I can tell & seasonal tree foliage seems not a factor due to problems not being seasonal. I haven't measured the signal due to the fact that I believe the experts here could tell me if my setup needs some additional equipment or a totally different setup is necessary.

Which setup would do best in my situation?
CM-4221HD (180° multi directional should work for a 127° signal spread)

Two RCA or equivalent yagi (to cover the 127° signal spread)
Two RCA TVPRAMP1Z or two CM-7777HD

From what I've read here, omnidirectional is not the best signal catcher for my situation. I just want the proper equipment for the job. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I would start by replacing the 4 way splitter with a distribution amplifier.A 2 way splitter essentially cuts your signal in half,-3.5db,a 4 way is cutting it in half again,-7 db.
Choose which channels you want to receive north east or north west. You will need a rotator to aim at all those channels, one antenna can't pick everything up. You also have HI VHF and UHF signals so you need to match the antenna to the type of signals you want to receive...
If you choose to have an all channel antenna, you don't need the VHF low band even after the repack so a VHF-high/ UHF combo would do mounted on a rotor.

The main drawback with one antenna is that if someone wants to watch a program from the other direction for which the antenna is currently aimed, they cannot without turning the antenna, which might cause another watcher to lose their programming.

So, if it is economically feasible, the best solution is to have an antenna system pointed towards Lafayette and another towards Baton Rouge, each with its own cable system independently to each TV where there would be a switch allowing each TV to independently view either antenna.

It is not recommended to join two antennas that are pointed in different directions since it greatly reduces signal down the pipe to the TV by at least 50% before you split it 4 ways which reduces the signal another 75% to each TV. In that scenario each TV gets about 12% of the signal captured by the antenna.

Pre-amps can be added later if deemed necessary but with a couple of good dual band antennas or with separate band specific antennas pointed each way you may not need the pre-amp (your signals are moderately strong).
Replaced the splitter with a distribution amplifier. It seems to have done the trick. I'll still keep all the info for later if need be. Thanks for all the info, greatly appreciated!

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