Who provides VOOM with the HD signal for Soccer Games?

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Here's some useful information about how these games are produced in HD:


Source - wTVision:

20th January 2004

Last Sunday night, the match between Atlético Madrid and Sevilla will be remembered, not for the importance of the match itself, but for having been the first live broadcast in the High Definition format (HD) made by wTVision.


This was the first match that Rainbow Sports Networks broadcasted to the United States, in the HD format. Future broadcasts will include games from the Spanish League (“La Liga”), “Copa del Rey”, and possibly, starting on February, games from the UEFA Cup. Media Pro will be in charge of the operations, producing these matches.

wTVision's team of creative artists and graphic designers are responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of the on air graphics used in the live broadcasts. wTVision’s production team is responsible for the scouting and air graphics production in real time, operating wTVision’s systems – SportStats CG.

This first experience in this new format was a success. Everything went well and everyone was satisfied, including the Rainbow Sports Networks.

Having already proven its capabilities in terms of 2D and 3D on air graphics, wTVision shows once more that it’s in the vanguard, with this new feature directed for the High Definition broadcasts.

How about Media Pro:

Here at this page (although in Spanish), they talked about producing this match for Rainbow: Here

Media Pro has exclusive rights to the following European Sports:

Football -- Spanish Football League, Portuguese Football League, UEFA Cup (International rights for the majority of the Spanish teams taking part in the competition.), Rights in Spain of the leagues of the following countries: Germany, France, England, Italy, Portugal,Holland)

Basketball --Euroleague - Telefónica Media, Euroleague and MEDIApro set up Euroleague Marketing, the company responsible for the management of the rights for this competition. MEDIApro markets the worldwide TV rights.

ACB (Spain)- International TV marketing rights. Consulting to ACB on the contracts of the Canal+ and Regional TV Stations.

Golf --- Seve Trophy - The Seve Trophy is a tribute to one of the best golf players of all time, Severiano Ballesteros, and has the challenge of promoting golf in Continental Europe.

Boxing -- Representation in Spain for the world's leading promoters.

Cycling -- Giro de Italia Rights for Spain, Portugal and South America.

They also have their own production facility, satellite broadcasting services (claim to be able to broadcast their signal anywhere)

So, there you go it looks like VOOM is very serious about this by contracting two companies like this since it looks from their website that they are able to do all production and uplink to VOOM of any HD signal. They also have major rights to sports events and movies and have major tv clients in europe. This is good information to digest. Visit their website they have a lot of information. If you see something interested comeback and post here.
VewDew said:
Great find Sean. I would love to see more teams besides freakin' Real Madrid!

Hey don't you like the Yankees version of Soccer with Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul, Carlos, Zadine, Figo - a superstar at every position. Valencia and Barcelona are two teams which Real Madrid has really struggled against. There are other teams that they do show besides Real Madrid. Look at the whole list in this thread:


Also, we are going to see a non-la liga game on 2/26/04. See this thread

Well, first off being an Oakland A's fan, you can figure out my opinion of the Yankees! :p

I enjoy watching them for sure, but I would like to see Barca vs Valenica or Celta Vigo or anyone. I don't have to watch Real to enjoy soccer. (I usually don't watch Man Utd on foxsportsworld unless they play Arsenal either)

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