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Dec 3, 2003
Ok guys looking at going to Satellite! Should I go with Dish or Direct Tv? It seems that Direct TV 150 Channel 42.99 and Dish you can get 180 44.99. Now Im looking strongley at Dish due to they are still offering the free HD receiver and Direct you half to pay for theirs. Now if I decied not to go with HD which one do you guys think is the best for your money? Thanks for all the info on this and Cox stinks this is part of the reason Im looking at going to Satellite due to they just raised my bill by 3 bucks!
Directv gives you more for your money and it's CEO is actually looking to add more good stations especially HD. DISH's CEO keeps saying he won't add more anything except shopping channels. He says he won't add anymore HD because nothing is "compelling" to add.
Don't go by what the ceo has to say. Direct tv has been saying they would be adding more hd for a while, just like dish. Dish has added another hd channel (tnt hd) while direct has failed to add anything. the only reason i would go with direct is if you want the nfl season ticket.
Check the channel line-ups of both providers and go with the provider who has the channels that you want now, not some unsubstantiated rumor of channels that may or may not come. Also to be fair you are comparing AT180 without locals price to TC+ with locals price. You are correct that AT180 without locals is only $44.99, however with locals it is $49.99, over at D* TC+ with out locals is only $39.99, your $42.99 quote is the with locals price. If these packages are the ones that interest you, you need to decide if the extra channels that are included in AT180 are ones that are important enough to you to justify a $5 - 7 price difference. Also if you are wanting HD, it is true that with the E* DHA promotion you get a HD receiver to use for Free, however you do not own the receiver and will have to return it to E* if you cancel your service at any time, with D* you will pay $299 I think for a HD receiver but you can sell it in the future if you ever cancel service but their is a 1 year commitment with D* an no commitment with E*. Currently E* has 1 more channel ( TNT-HD) in their HD package and E* charges $1/mo iess then D* for their HD package, $9.99 for E* vs $10.99 for D*. As I stated earlier do not make a decision based on rumors that you read hear and other forums that may or may not happen, contrary to what some D* pom pom waves here say, both providers will likely add some new HD channels once some new satellites are in place and neither provider will likely have a big advantage for any length of time..
Well I signed up with Dish Network got the 120 package and HD package! Got the 811 for my HDTV and a Standard one for my other. All free only paid 70 up front is all will have everything installed this Monday!
If you want a DVR or HD receiver Dish Network is Not for you. If you would like only basic receivers and a basic SD line-up, then Dish could be right for you. If its HD you want or a top-quality DVR that is fully upgradable and really works DirecTV is your choice. You get what you pay for, Dish's cable like rental program they call "free" isn't really what lots of big time Dish supports make it out to be. Its just another promo to suck people like yourself into signing up to rent a receiver that by no means does what it should, and falls quite short of DirecTV's. Want to pay for your receiver ten times over? Go for the Dish cable like rental program. you'll be on DirecTV in no time with that move. I hear more people everyday who cancel that realizing what can be had elsewhere.
Well I went wish Dish due to the point they had the better deal on HD! I really did not wont to pay 300 up front to go with Direct so I think Dish is the way to go for "me" maybe not everyone. You hear allot of complaints from both sides but allot of that is not always the receiver or the companys equipment! Allot times its the user and how they have things setup or the TV ect! I just know it will be better than what I had which was Cox who keeps going up on their price. So whatever floats your boat but I know allot of the problems folks post on these board are "user error"!
I think you have made a fine selection, Poke, using one of the valid criteria for choosing--price--along with the desire to get HD programming.

(I usually just ignore your posts, Mini1, but your blatant and constant harangues are getting to be too much! You have gone way over the line from informing to bashing!)

Poke, I have been very happy with Dish Network for over 4 years--with a 508 for 1.5 years, and with a recently-added 721. I also added my local channels a few months ago when they became available. It's great to be able to use the DVRs for local, network programming now!

I watch a mixture of previously recorded, delayed, and live shows. Of course I don't watch as much live any more, because I usually pause a show for about 20 minutes, and then 30 sec. skip through commercials to catch up by the time the show ends.

I have multiple timers set throughout the week at all times of the day/night and neither DVR has missed a recording.

I love the fast guides and information they supply, because I like checking every so often to see what's on.

I hope you enjoy your new system as much as I've enjoyed mine all these years. Good luck!
Well I dont think I was bashing anyone! I did not call anyone out and if a came across that way Im sorry. Everyone should do whatever helps them the best and if you go with Direct thats cool or Dish that cool too! I think they are both good and so Im not bashing no one and everyone has their 2 cents and I respect that.Does not matter if I agree with it or not I still respect how folks feel about their service. Now Charise since you been a customer for awhile oh by the way thanks for the info. I have read that the Componet and DVI there is not much diffrence between the two on HD. I heard that the picture looks about the same. What have you heard and again thanks for the input! :)
Poke, I didn't think you were bashing anyone either. I feel that mini1 has been getting worse in bashing Dish Network lately.

I'm not the expert that many on this board are, and don't have a DVI cable, so I use components. I'm very happy with the picture, and others who have watched my set-up think it's excellent. Charts I've seen show DVI and component as "best" on a scale from poor to best. One of these days I'll get a DVI and see for myself. Let me know how you like one over the other.
Oh Ok Coo! Yeah I understand I like Dish a little better from what I have read and folks that I know that have it been happy! Yeah I will try the componet since it comes with the 811 go from there. Then later might try the Dvi just to see if there is really that much of a diffrence. Again thanks for the info! :)
Charise, I not "bashing" anyone. I am telling it like it is. everything that I have posted above is true. When Dish gets worse I will let you or anyone else know who is asking for my opinion on who to chose. Have you ever had DirecTV? If not, I see where you are coming from. I hear this same argument from many big time Dish fans, only to find out they have never once had anything other Dish.
korsjs said:
Don't go by what the ceo has to say. Direct tv has been saying they would be adding more hd for a while, just like dish. Dish has added another hd channel (tnt hd) while direct has failed to add anything. the only reason i would go with direct is if you want the nfl season ticket.

People tend to forget things. E* did has Showtime HD and TND-HD before D*, but D* had HDNet, HDNet Movies and ESPN-HD before E*. It depends on what day of the week which of the two has the most content. And while TNT-HD is on E*, how much content is in HD, there are a number of post qustioning all the up convers and people slamming Charlie for adding TNT-HD when nobody can see what 'compelling' contect that network now has compared to other HD channels out there that E* isn't carrying.
mini1 said:
If you want a DVR or HD receiver Dish Network is Not for you.
This is bashing! As I explained, I have been very happy with my DVRs from Dish Network. One doesn't have to try every brand on the market to be happy with something. Therefore, I can really like my toys from Dish Network without having used DirecTV's. For you to constantly tell people who are asking for help because they've never used either service that they should steer clear of Dish Network is unproductive for them and is "bashing." Happy to point out to you what you've been doing, as it appears you couldn't recognize it!

And yes, I have had DirecTV. Quite some time ago, which is why I never argue against DirecTV--I simply don't have enough knowledge of changes they have made. I won't be finding out anytime soon either, as I am happy with Dish Network prices, choices, DVRs, and picture quality. Though I won't denigrate DirecTV, I certainly can give the positives I have experienced with Dish Network.
Then you have no idea how much better and usable a DirecTivo is, if you haven't had DirecTV for years. Neither have you experienced any compairison to Dish's HD receivers, that fail to work is quite a few cases. I am not bashing, I am telling what I know from personal experience and reading 100's of Post's on these facts, not to mention multiple polls, that prove over 35% of Dish 811 owners hate their units. If you have never tried anything else besides one companies product in recent times, then one would think that is the best it gets, and be happy with their service or products, if you something to compare it to, (like I do) then you can make an accurate compairsion between the products. That is what I have done. I have posted my findings, you do not like them as you are a big time Dish fan as I hear, so you object to them. next thing I know you will be telling me I have a "hidden agenda" or "You work for DirecTV, cable or Voom". please don't give me that, because none of it is true.

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