Who Will Go Home May 5th? (TOP 4)

Who Will Go Home May 5th?

  • Crystal Bowersox

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  • Aaron Kelly

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  • Casey James

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  • Lee Dewyze

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  • Michael Lynche

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Sep 7, 2003
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Who Will Go Home May 5th? (TOP 4)

Crystal Bowersox - 24, Elliston, OH

Aaron Kelly - 16, Sonestown, PA
Casey James - 27, Fort Worth, TX
Lee Dewyze - 23, Mount Prospect, IL
Michael Lynche 26, St. Pertersburg, FL


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Apr 24, 2004
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Probably Casey will go...not because he has less talent than anyone else, but because of the lousy theme choice. Wow, almost everyone had a rough time with Sinatra and it made sense, since this group of talent isn't swing or big band singers. Bad theme choice for the talent.

And what was with the judges giving Harry props after every song before commenting on the performance? Harry wasn't a contestant...sheesh...