Who's open? What's the storm done to our advertisers?


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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
What we have in from our advertisers as of now with regard to how the storm has affected them:

Sparrow Ionia Hospital: Sparrow Medical Group Physician offices are open - Ionia, which includes the Walk-In Clinic, Saranac, Muir and Portland. The hospital is open, however they are on partial power, more than yesterday - and more coming on slowly. Their phone system is not working. They are not receiving external calls and can't make external calls. For emergencies as always: 9-1-1.

Young Automotive Group Chrysler Jeep: Open as always.
Young Ionia GM: Sales open, Phones "on" as of now, Service department not available, pleas reschedule appointments.

Ionia Public Schools Senior Citizen Luncheon for Friday: Cancelled. Other events, info pending as the day progresses.

Reurink Roofing & Siding Sales: Open and operating on generator but no phones. Please reach them in-person on Dake Road off Bellamy, or message WION and we'll reach them for you.

Rural Gas (Local, Management and staff) THANK YOU from WION for providing quick service to keep our tank filled and generator online. Rural Gas local phones and internet down, call them at 527-2050, be persistent and it will rollover to someone who can help you with your LP gas needs or emergencies.

NON LIFE THREATENING CALLS to officials should be directed to 616-527-0400. Please keep 9-1-1 free for true emergencies.

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