Why does EchoStar want your SSN?

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I don't quite understand why Dish wants your Social Security Number, with all these horror stories of identity theft I wouldn't feel comfortable with it. So, why do they want it? Is it they want to perform a credit check on the person? What if, the person chooses to pay in advance for a year of service? Its not much of an issue giving it to EchoStar directly, but giving it to a third party (dealer) sounds awfully bad.
It's simple.

Because they are granting you credit.

Not just credit for your monthly service but credit so you can order a Pay Per View movie or special.

And if your on one of their plans like DHP they are loaning you equipment so they need to be able to find you to claim their equipment if you were to disapear with their equipment. :)

Of course if you still don't want to give them your SSN, you can pay Dish a one time $50 fee, which is cheep. I know some cell phone companies that charge you a $1,000 deposit if you don't want to give your SSN.

Hope that helps.
Scott, I understand that there is still some sort of credit involved. Wrestling events are fairly expensive, but, can they not disable PPV? Say, its a Free Dish promotion, and you choose to pay for the service upfront, that will certainly remove the need for having yourself on Credit Card Autopay (which is a nuisance), it should certainly remove the need of having to give them your SSN.
SSN is only REQUIRED for DHP I think. And that makes sense since you are signing a lease. They don't have mine, and they've never asked for it.

And like Scott said, you can waive it by paying a nominal fee.
Required for Free For All as well. Required for all activations you might as well say. I believe DirecTv has required SSN for all activations, at least they used to.
Unless you are apply for credit, it is against federal regs to require SSN.

DMV wanted it - told them no
Health Insurance wanted it - nope to
Many companies ask, you just need to remind them of the rules.

If I'm on Credit Card auto-pay that should be good enough. My credit is my credit card.
I dunno... even applying for a fishing license the gov't will get your SSN.
If you apply for a radio license, you'll have to provide your SSN:

The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 requires the FCC to collect this information. Congress enacted the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA) as part of an effort to increase collection of delinquent government debts. As a result of the DCIA, the Commission and other executive agencies are required to collect Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) from each entity doing business with a Federal agency, including applicants for, or recipients of, a Federal license or permit.

But I'll add - I think its sort of shabby for E* to have to get this from you. If it was refundable $50 that would be ok, but it stinks to have to pay to not give this number out...
Again if your going for a cell phone and dont want to give you SSN they charge you $1,000 deposit on your account.

Pay the $50 or give them your SSN.

Even Cable requests your SSN now.
Scott, screw that. Now, a question about the Free Dish offer. It states there will be 3 additional $49 credits on top of the $49 that you will be refunded for the purchase. Since these credits are for 3 months of free AT100 + Premium movie channels, one would still get them if they don't commit to same package for a year? Whats the deal really, will I get the 3x$49 if I subscribe to AT50 only?
SSN requirement

Federal law requires that certain disclosures be provided if someone is conducting a credit check on you - which is when an SSN would be required. However, E* does not conduct credit checks on new customers, therefore there is no legitimate reason for them to request the information. A retailer or other third party may actually do a credit check and require the SSN, but again, they should provide the required federal and state disclosures.

As a victim of identity theft, I am very protective of my SSN now. As a former employee of E*, I know the caliber of person in their call centers - 70% of them are decent trust worthy people, but they don't have the highest standards, and even though they do background checks before hire, there are enough shady characters accessing your account information, I would NEVER give them either my SSN or a credit card number!
Dish Network DOES perform credit checks on people they use Equifax to do these checks.

They have been doing these checks for a year now.
I confirm that E* does check credit.
I bought a car last sunday, and when I ask the dealer to show me the report he had just pulled, I discovered that E* had check the day I signed DHP.
Scott, you didn't respond to my question at the bottom of first page.
Sorry missed that question.

I believe you get the top 100 and HBO and CINEMAX for the first 3 months then can downgrade after that. :)

I am sure Claude will correct me if I am wrong.
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