Why does LuciFer start at the end.


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Nov 29, 2007
San Marcos, CA
I am finally getting around to watching all the LuciFer shows I saved.
Several of them show only the last few minutes and stop , or continue with whatever show happened to follow.

I suspect that something caused the schedule to shift by an hour and Dish didn't bother to pay attention.

It is annoying but not worth subscribbing to the station for back episodes.

Maybe someday I will get a smart TV so I can be tempted to pay for some on demand.
That's a known bug when saving shows from PTAT. There is no fee for on FOX demand (or most any other network)
I am having this problem on several programs for quite some time now and getting really frustrating! Can usually find on demand after deleting and empty trash. Last week even after empty trash would still kept going to the deleted one. Then recorded next airing of it and did same thing except it did record a little more of just the end this time. Have one today that is not on demand. It is a CBS program that probably need CBS access to watch. Please fix this bug!!!!!!
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