Why no Starz/Cinemax/TMC/Bravo HD on Dish?

Well the coined response is that there is a lack of compelling content there. But there is also a lack of bandwidth, and the other cost issues etc...

Dish has been testing putting 3 HD channels per transponder for a while but nothing has seem to come of that yet.

With programming negotions and the locals push, HD has been put on the back burner for a while...

I think the HD stuff won't come up until May when TNT comes live, then some stuff may start to happen.
I have a feeling some of those channels would be up is 80% of their content was in HD, but with only 1 moive a day (if your lucky) in HD, its not worth it yet.
face it guys hdtv is still in the baby years remember dvds years ago how few and far between they were and color tv back in the 60's hdtv and sdtv i think will be around together for many years but i also beleve hdtv will be for only primetime tv shows and ppv sports and channels like hbo showtime etc

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