Refurbed 508 died in less the 24hrs


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Nov 20, 2003
San Jose, California
I picked up one of the refurbished 508 that are being sold / auctioned on various web sites. Activated it, set a few timers and went out for the evening. (Friday night)

Saturday afternoon the wife wants to watch her TLC programing that I set the timers for and the box starts acting really slow. So I do all the usual reboots and BLAM I get a 311 screen with a 0404 HDD error message.

It took me months to convence the wife to get one of these and if it went well the 921 whenever it comes up for air would be next. Now she telling me to put a fork in E* if this is the quality of the equipment they make.

I am trying to convence her that it happen because it was a refurbed unit and how nice E* was when we called and how they are shipping out another unit by Tuesday.

My big fear is the next unit...being a refurb like the first will do it again... :mad:
You buy a refurb unit from an auction site, with an unknown history and you blame E* when you have a problem with it :confused:
JosephF said:
You buy a refurb unit from an auction site, with an unknown history and you blame E* when you have a problem with it :confused:

It was not purchased from a private party but from a well known E* dealer as an E* refurbed unit (1 Yr warranty) and I don't 'blame' anyone for anything. I know your taking a chance when buying refurbed units from any manufacture and even bigger chance when they are PVR's as they are prone to failure due to the HDD.
Any device with a Hard drive in it can and will fail. E* does not make Hard drives, and when one fails, blaming E* for it is like blaming Ford when your tire gets a flat.

I have hard drives that are 5 years old that are still working perfectly, and I have had new hard drives die within 2 weeks of purchase.

Since a hard drive is a physical device, it can fail.

My experience has been just the opposite. I got my refurbed 508 from about a month ago now and have had no trouble with it at all. I was a little concerned when I first went to hook it up because it looked like the carton had been dented in on one corner in transit. My 508 doesn't seem to be any the worse for wear and has worked flawlessly since I turned it on the first time. I realize that eventually the hard drive will fail and hopefully it will happen while the unit is still in warranty. If not then I will probably look at getting the extended warranty coverage in about January of next year just in case.
Bought my 508 new on Ebay a few weeks ago. Runs like a champ. Wish it had dual tuners but ahh well. It's still a damn good unit. And NO PVR FEES BABY!! w00t! SUCK ON THAT TIVO!!! ;)

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