Why we at WION feel our County-wide Food Drive is unique, and...a few thank you's, too!


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Oct 13, 2007
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First things first, a HUGE thank you! To our volunteers already signed up.....whether unloading food at our sorting location, feeding other volunteers, putting up posters, spreading the word, donating from your business like our local Pizza Hut did today, (and Printing Essentials is doing by the sale of "house" brand inks and toners)...or in any way you're giving, we thank you! We know we'll miss naming somebody, so please don't be offended, and let us know so we can thank YOU or your organization DURING food drive Thanksgiving weekend. We've got Belding and Ionia Middle Schools doing mini drives for us, and we learned on Friday of Saranac Elementary also joining in the collection effort, thanks to a young man who wanted to help, who I believe is only 8 years old!!

Why is this drive different than many? Well.....here's why we think its special. It's "guilt free" and, extremely interactive with our county and its residents!

We've all passed people collecting for charities outside of stores. If you've already given elsewhere, you feel awkward because the collector doesn't know you did, and you wonder what THEY think of YOU if you don't give again as you enter or exit the store. Instant perceived Guilt or at least awkwardness! (real or not.) If you CAN'T afford to give, there's the guilt you feel from not being able-to and the same (human nature) as you question what the person doing the collecting may be thinking of you. I once worked a food drive outside a grocery store in Michigan's U.P. We were cold, warming our hands on a coffee urn, and it was pathetic. I swore if I ever ran a food drive it wouldn't be like that! With our drive, we take the RV (Food-V) to locations that are NOT stores. This year we're going to locations central to many towns: Their emergency services like fire and ambulance locations are hosting us. We're not sponsored. We're not begging, and those who CAN give enjoy coming to visit with us, share conversation, a few minutes, and everyone benefits. We also welcome just simple visits from those wishing us well, whether they can give or not. Seems stepping into a warm RV to visit is less daunting than passing those making collection efforts in the cold.

Then comes MORE fun. Our drive requires that applying agencies let us know they'd LIKE to be a recipient. But, that's not enough. They have to be willing to help themselves. By providing labor for sorting and moving food on "distribution day" and, by providing their own transportation. And, the nicest part is, they ALL get together in one place at one time to work together sharing the proceeds, the labor, and the work. Its truly heart warming, and amazing to be a part-of. We think this is pretty special and unique in the world of food drives.

We look forward to visiting with you Thanksgiving weekend, and yes, we know the need is year round. Perhaps, if we can gather enough help, we'll find a way to bring this unique and fun event to the Summer months as well. In the meantime, we're pleased to be able to "validate" our careers in radio by giving of our talents for a worthy cause!

See you "on the road" with the Food-V...and keep checking our website at wwwi1430.com for more information. There's an easy link to our food drive page in this forum, (Thanks, Scott)...... And once again, the two most important words that can be said we'll repeat many times between now and Food Drive weekend, a very heartfelt, "Thank you."
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