Why were the arcade scores reset?

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Sep 26, 2003
Why were the arcade scores reset?

I had a couple of high scores and they're gone :(

Are they reset every couple of months? Hate to see "good work" go to waste.
Actually we are planning on resetting the scores once a month.

It gives everyone a chance to see their names in lights. :)

Plus a lot of folks dont want to play if they see some high scores which they know they will never beat.
Perhaps there should be two or three different arcade score lists, one for overall, one for weekly, one for monthly, and then keep a list of those with the score that had first place before the scored were reset so that they can be recognized because some do a lot of work to get that first place, sometimes playing for hours each day to accomplish what they did. Perhaps allow pub members to keep their high scores is an interesting idea.
In browsing through the alt...echostar forum it has everyone as champion in like 40 games.. highly annoying since you have to scroll through the list of all of the 'champion' icons to find the message.
like it just did on my post here.. I guess it is doing it for all guests.
I see that and dont understand why its doing that.

I will look into it and fix it ASAP. Its very annoying! :D
I fixed it. :)

The problem was last night the scores were set to reset automatically, when it reset the scores it set the high score user ID to 0 (User 0 is also the usernumber for Unregistered / Guest) Because of this it thought all guests were arcade champtions.

I have disabled the champ display system and will reenable it later today when people had a chance to play in the arcade. :)
I also do not like having the scores reset, (or just have multiple scores as suggested above). People do work hard to get a high score, and some scores obtained are nothing sort of amazing...... a once in a lifetime achievement. To casually throw away that persons hard work and extreme achievement is a slap in that persons face. Especially for sake of giving someone else a chance. We're not kids playing here that need a chance at first place, you've got to work hard and earn it, just like anything else in life. Not willing to put in the time to gain the high score?... tough, you must not want it bad enough.

The more I think about it the more upset I get at that logic and would really hope you change this monthly score resetting, or at least come up with an all time high score and a monthly high score.
The arcade is no fun anymore. Even with the scores reset the same people will get their title's back.
I strongly agree with the fact that there should be all time high scores, weekly high scores, monthly high scores, etc. There could be three types of trophies, gold for all time champion, bronze for monthly high score, and silver for weekly high score - or gold for first, bronze for second, and silver for third for all time - all shown next to the User ID - or have a letter on the inside of the trophy - A for All time champion, W for Weekly champion, M for Monthly champion.
High scores should make people strive to beat them. 70 games is alot of games, try something else then if you suck at one of them. Doesnt seem fair to those who are good at something to have to do it all over again. :(
Mike Difoj said:
Doesnt seem fair to those who are good at something to have to do it all over again. :(
This from the one that has spent more time then most in the "Arcade News & Events" box. :)
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