Will a Shaw 600 Friends & Family Receiver Update its FW If Plugged In At Original Location (1 Viewer)

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Jul 4, 2006
I helped my niece set up her Shaw Direct a year ago. She has a friends and family Shaw 600 Rx that wasn't working except for 2 channels when she returned from vacation last week. The 600 Shaw Receiver at the Head End had been working in late Dec due to a Firmware Upgrade in December by the Shaw Installer.

Yesterday she took her non working Shaw 600 Receiver to the Head End Location from her family and friends location and plugged it in, and 20 minutes later it started working?? Then she brought the 600 Receiver back home and plugged it in and now she is getting All the channels!! (Also Signal level on channel 299 is 98 %). Does anyone know how this is possible, that is why did the Receiver start working again, or did the Firmware Automatically Update itself in our Shaw 600 Receiver at the Headend location? We have the new Quad LNB at her place which we installed last year, so do we still need a new LNB?

We were told we need to purchase a new LNB, but if 600 Receiver is now working with our existing Quad LNB after taking it to the Head End and plugging the 600 Receiver in is this necessary? We are totally confused, so Any replies would be very much appreciated.
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Jun 9, 2009
The Lnb's "should" be the same at both locations. There is a quad lnb and the new Xku quad lnb.
If they are different, it may work on some channels for a while, but eventually will fail.

Other option is to call Shaw Direct and get them to change the v-code for the receiver with the different lnb.

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