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Oct 17, 2003
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Hello i will be a new dish network customer starting sunday!!! I am getting the everything pak and would like to know if dish has anyplans to move these two hd channels to the 110 sat?? If not i have been hearing that i have to buy another dish wich would be 99 dollars.. I have a buddie that will give me another dish 500 dish what would be my best option?? I really dont want all kinds of dishes on my house but if there is no plan to move those channels soon i will for my wife wants HBO HD!!!
The plan is to Move HBO and Show to 110/119 but no one knows when they will do this

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If your buddy will give you another Dish 500, see if they will install the 2nd dish at the time of installation.

Another option is..are you getting the locals through Dish? and if so, which city? There are some locals (minor ones) that are on the "wing slots" where HBO-HD is. If you have a local on the wing, Dish has to supply the dish & necessary hardware to receive it for FREE including install.

They "might" move HBO-HD in the near future, but right now its unknown as to the timeframe.

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