Will Motorola bring back the crt


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May 20, 2006
With the introduction of the carbon nanotube tv developed by motorola, and with production starting in foreign areas it will be interesting to see if the lcd and plasmas will become a thing of the past. The description of the set is similar to crt but not as big and bulky and with all the benefits of the crts picture.
Nanotube TVs are a variation on FED. Probably the most well known and farthest developed variation on FED is the SED, which will not arrive in this country until 2008 at the earliest.

The nanotube TV is similar to, but not the same as, the CRT. These flat screen TVs, and other variations, show great potential on paper. But they need to enter a market that is in steep price decline. By the time the $1300 nanotube TV comes to market (if it ever does), it will likely compete with other flat screen technologies half the price. And there are doubts about durability, especially with the emitters, and consistent color and brightness across the screen.

LCDs and plasmas are well developed, with plenty of growth and improvement ahead of them. They are "more than good enough" for a large majority of the buying public, IMHO. That means any other technology must compete on price, as well as quality. Will people pay a large premium for a set that appears only slightly better, at most? Most won't. So that leaves a small niche market for premium (and premium priced) HDTVs.

FED in all it's variations has been hailed as the next great thing for too long. And it's never quite made it to market. Too many delays, too many doubts if it'll ever make it to market or be able to compete if it does. Too many broken promises- where's the beef?

Here's a link.
And another, older one on the technology in general.

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