Will my old echostar antenna/dish work with current DN?

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Jan 11, 2010
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10 years ago we had Echostar (Dish). The antenna/dish is still installed/intact, as well as the cable.

We're considering DIRECTV, and I'm wondering if the old antenna/dish will work? We're only interested in a single tuner/ non-HD set up.

(yes, I know we'll have to re-set the dish to DIRECTV's satellite)

Thanks, Joe
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Echostar was/is Dish Network, not DirecTV. You should post this in the Dish Network forum...or ask the mods to move it...

As far as your question goes, a lot has changed in 10 years. So I doubt it. They will replace the dish as part of your free install anyway...might as well get the latest technology.
OH, screwed that up, didn't I?

We HAD Dish Network (echostar).

We are considering DIRECTV.

Sorry about that.

Well...that doesn't change my answer much.....call DirecTV and see what kind of deal you can get. They will give you free installation. They will not use the old dish, the new dish, especially for HD is completely different.

Depending on where the cable is run (outside vs. inside) the installer might replace it as well.

Good luck, let us know how the install goes!
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