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Sep 11, 2003
Will the 721 ever get Dish Home and the Internet application as was promised when I first purchased it over a year ago, or has this all gone away since it is being discontinued?? Very sad if this is the case :rolleyes:
It will get Dish Home, but I doubt we will see Internet on it.

I wonder for those who purchased the 721 because it was prmiosed on the Charlie Chats that it would have Internet could get a refund from Dish for false advertising?
Scott Greczkowski said:
I wonder for those who purchased the 721 because it was prmiosed on the Charlie Chats that it would have Internet could get a refund from Dish for false advertising?

Nah..you would get the pad answer that "we reserve the right to change ANYTHING at ANYTIME"
I'm sure if someone really wanted to push it through small claims court they could. Did you know there are actual laws that say that a company can't take away functionality once it was available? Things like the screen saver could be sued over, it has happened at a company I worked for. Things I know that have been promised for the 721 both through the Charlie Chats (internet access) and through their website (Dish Home) have never transpired. I think it is time for dish to start living up to their talk or do what DirectTV does and don't talk let their actions speak for them. I still love the dual tuner functionality in the 721 but other then that I don't like it at all. Overall I have been much happier with my 501 and 301 than the 721 except for the dual tuners.
FWIW...Most states have consumer protection laws. These statutes are usually managed by the State's Attorney General's Office. A complaint to your state's AG may result in some action. I know that Dish has been taken to task by several state AG's over the years.

Can't hurt, just a free phone call...
I'm sure there are a few WebTV Dishplayer folks who would LOVE to give you an opinion on this......

Microsoft and E* couldn't make it work, so I doubt that the E* tech guys who are continually playing a boardwalk-esque game of whack-a-mole with software bugs, will devote any time and effort to a receiver that has been a sales failure in terms of number of units sold. There is just no sound business reason to sink more money into functions on a receiver that is all but discontinued. (But look for the $199 sale to come soon as they dump the things like they did with the Dishplayers and with the 6000 receivers to clean out the warehouse).
Stargazer said:
Couldn't someone program the receiver to have internet work on it or would it be too much trouble?

Although some of the 721 code is open source (available to anyone) much of the needed source code is NOT available to programmers outside of Echostar. Without have access to that code it would be very difficult for anyone to implement internet access on the 721.
I doubt Dish will reduce the price of the 721 to $199. It's just not going to happen. The receiver retails for over $500. They will probably be able to sell the rest of the stock they currently have without discounting it. Dish wanting to deplete their 721 stock could be another reason why Dish is not allowing 322/522 to be available to current subscribers yet or new subs that do not get DHP.

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