Dish 811 Promo at $149 and $99 510 promo in same work order!


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Oct 2, 2003
So I had started a work order to receive the dish 510 $99 promo,...I called back again about the $149 811 promo and was told I couldn't order until the other work order was completed...after talking with the lady for a while, and explaining that it would be much easier for me if I could do both in one day, she spoke with a supervisor and was able to aprrove two work orders for one scheduled for those of you who have been told you have to wait, it is possible to request to do both at the same time...
:) That's cool! Yeah going to try to get things rolling here soon with the Promo that you pay 49.99 credit and get the 811 HD and 301 with SuperDish for free! I will probally sign up for the top 150 unstead of 100 which I will half to pay 9 bucks those first 3 months unstead of getting them for free due to the Promo only for Top 100. Anyway good luck with everything.
Heh. I'm in a similar boat. I did the 6000U for $149 deal last week -- I'm still waiting for the install this coming Monday. In the meantime, this 811 deal came along -- I'm going to do that one too for $149 as soon as the 6000U is in.

Plus, I called the installer today and they said that they can't get any more 6000Us, so they are likely going to substitute an 811 on Monday for my install. I confirmed with Dish that I could still do the current 811 deal even if the installer substitutes an 811 for my 6000U that was supposed to go in.

So, in the end, I'll pay $300 and end up with either a 6000U and an 811 -- or two 811s! :)

- John...
Please, if you post things like this, then all of those "Dish screws existing customers" threads might be debunked.

Oh, and shut up all your DHP 2nd class low lifes, we don't want to hear it from the likes of you.
When I placed my order yesterday morning, I got the 811 for $149, and the 510 on the same order, for free. I did commit to 2 years, but if you figure that I'll only be paying $120 (on the extra fees) for the 510 over 24 months, it made sense..

I'd suggest everybody that wants to take advantage of a HD and PVR promo package, do it now before Dish comes to their senses!

BTW - Thank you Scott for this forum and the info you provide - I'll be donating to the cause!

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