Will the Dish 921 have asynchronous DishWire IEEE-1394?


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Jan 9, 2004
Is the 921 rumored to asynchronous when in the the to-be-enabled DishWire-1394 mode?

By example will you likely be able to PLAY a D-VHS tape either made directly from the 921, or, by example a D-Theater tape from the JVC 30K (example) through the 921's DVI outputs?

Several of the early cable FireWire STB's only dump to D-VHS, but, do not allow the deck to play back through the STB to beefit from a single DVI display connection.
ROI not Technical problem

I thought I had seen in prior messages that the 921 is really running on Linux. If that is correct, then it would be entirely possible to restore from tape and playback off the DVR menu. ...being unfamiliar with the D-VHS standard, it is entirely possible/likely that support for all the show meta-data that is displayed on the DVR screen would be lost as the video itself is pushed to tape. However, Dish could simply provide default values for that meta-data upon restore from tape; or, could provide a screen to prompt for the data, like:
what channel was this originally recorded from
what time was it recorded.
what is/was the name of the show

Assuming this is Linux, it is *not* a technical problem to restore a video file from tape back to disk, and then display it through the DVR guide. My guess is that E* is asking itself what the ROI of implementing that functionality is, vs. just having end users playback through the D-VHS device.

Having programmed professionally through a segment of my IT career, I can tell you that adding the above functionality would be trivial, compared to the remainder of the software complexity of the 921 (probably 1-2 weeks development time by 1 person, at most). However, that still doesn't answer the question of whether or not E* will see this as a valuable use of that labor cost.
Nick: I agree that it's possible, however, maybe not as trivial as you think. While the 921 can obviously decrypt the satellite feed and dump it, it may not be able to re-encrypt it to leave it on the disk. Of course, hacks can be done to get the data stream to the 'right' place in the software, but that could be difficult.

On the other hand, if it was acceptable to the users (and it's OK by me!), a bit-by-bit dump of the disk file even if it can only be read by the 921 would be great. Should be possible, but maybe too hard to do.
Always easy to boast how easy something is to do. A bit more difficult to actually back up a claim of simplicity with an actual performance of your claim. If you think it is so easy to do, why not show us and just do it. I welcome any 3rd part add-on.

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