Will unactive reciever tell me if I have signal?


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Mar 9, 2004
Well I'm going to be installing a Dish 1000 sometime soon and I don't have a signal meter. What I've done in the past with installs was taken my 301 outside with a portable tv and just watch until it gets signal. Well I have since taken both my 301's off of my account and replaced them. I'm wondering if I take one of them outside will it tell me if I have signal even though I don't have it activated? Or will I have to take a active reciever out?

Also on another note I looked for the settings for the dish I looked in my 721 and put my zip code but when I selected what dish it didn't have the Dish 1000. Is it the same settings as the Superdish? It had that a Dish 500 and 300 listed.
the settings would be close to that for a dish300 pointed at 119, with slightly higher skew than it tells you for a dish500.

yes a deactivated receiver still functions as a signal meter and will get 101 and various other "free" channels.

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