Win a Dish 942 HD DVR from DishStore.NET and SatelliteGuys.US!

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Help figure out the "Great Candy Caper" and you could win a Dish Network 942 High Definition DVR!

Dish Network 942 HD Receiver provided bythe good folks at DishStore.NET!

The Story -

At my office I have a container of candy on my desk. This candy is for co workers to take when they stop by to talk or when they need a little pick me up. Sometimes when co workers take candy from Scott's Candy jar they drop change in the bucket to help buy more candy.

The Game -

Below are 4 pictures of Scott's Candy bucket. The game is for you to guess the number of packages of candy in the bucket, and to also guess the amount of money in the bucket.

Here's how it works -

You will post your guesses here in this thread.
You can only enter once per username and IP address.
You can change your guess at any time up until Noon on Saturday April 9th, 2005. After Noon on Saturday April 9th we will no longer accept enteries.

On Monday Night at 9:15pm in our Charlie Chat... Chat the answer for the amount of candy will be revealed.

The 3 enteries who come closest to guessing the actual number of packages of candy will move on to round 2.

At 9:45PM we will announce the answer to the amount of money in the bucket. Out of the 3 which were chosen above the one who comes closest to guess the amount of money in the bucket WITHOUT GOING OVER THE ACTUAL amount wins the 942!

In the event that all 3 go over the actual amount of money in the bucket we will then hold a random drawing from everyone in the chat room and will give the 942 to someone in the chat room (so it pays to be in the chat room!)

Please note that for the initial game the players do not need to be in the chat room to win, however if all 3 finalists guess go over with the guess for amount of money in the bucket a winner will be selected from the chat room.

The amount of Candy and money in the bucket has been counted.

To keep this honest two impartial judges have been selected, these judges have been sent the answer in a special encoded file. One judge will get the answer for how much candy is in the bucket, the other one will get the answer to how much money is in the bucket. These judges will not be told how to extract the encoded answer until the night we announce the Winners.

The judges have now been sent these special encoded files.

This contest is open to all Registered SatelliteGuys Members and SatelliteGuys Staff is also eligible to win. (Except Scott Greczkowski, our two Judges, and Claude Greiner)

PLEASE NOTE - We have the option of posting Clues as this contest goes on, remember you can always change you guess at any time up until Noon on April 9th. :)


Decission of the Judges is FINAL.

Our thanks to DishStore.NET for providing thse great prizes to SatelliteGuys to giveaway! Please shop DishStore.NET and thank them for their support of SatelliteGuys.US!

So post your guesses here in this thread, and most imporantly have fun!


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Sample Entry: (Numbers are way high... these numbers are not a hint) :)

Packages of Candy: 1042
Amount of money: $512.42

Good Luck and have fun!
1st guess I guess!

Packages of Candy: 47
Amount of money: $1.00 :shocked
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