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One of my bosses is getting rid of his Sprint Mogul today and is moving over to a Blackberry storm.

For years now he has had his in office mail on our Exchnage server (we will call that forwarded to his personal web domain (we will call that

Now for his personal domain he has been using a service called which is a microsoft exchange hosting service. This allows mail2web to instantly push his email to him. In addition his secretary logs into his mail2web account and updates his calendar and contact list via Exchange Web Service.

Now my question is this... The company is making him move to a Blackberry storm. My question is how do I get it to sync up to his exchange calendar, and contacts from

How does his secretary update his calendar and contacts?

I have never really played with the BB before so I am totally in the dark on this.

I will say that on our mail server here in the office we are running the blackerberry enterprize server software connected to our exchange server for, but again unfortunately my bosses is hosted with mail2web.

Help please. :)
Who's the provider on the blackberry? I know some people here at work who have sprint use the provider service of and avoid having to have a full blown BES setup. There is a couple minute delay in the relay though when it passes email on from other accounts.

I use mail2web for my wifes winmo setup, but it appears they charge for blackberry service.

coworker says he did something based on info from this page to avoid a BES setup

Not sure if it works for calendar though.

Another coworker says he uses a service called ThinkPost that is only like $4 a month instead of the $15-$20 for hosted BES.
Last edited: has BBerry service; I used it for several years before switching to an iPhone last July. Very easy to set up!

  1. Log in to your Outlook web client. Click on My Email Settings in the lower lefthand corner.
  2. In the Manage Account window that comes up you will see a Blackberry Service link; click on "Edit."
  3. A screen will come up with a button saying Activate Blackberry Service. Click the button and you're on your way. charges $15 a month for BBerry on top of your Exchange service, so you'll be paying your mobile carrier for the Bberry plan plus $30 for the access. But you can cancel any time.
If you use OWA, assign the secretary sharing rights to just the contacts and calendar under file, sharing when in calendar or contacts. In other words, open the calendar using Outlook on the boss' computer, click file, sharing, and add the secretary as a "publishing editor". Do the same for contacts.

Then, add these shortcuts to the secretary's web page favorites and they can add, remove and view contacts and calendar items without being able to see e-mails.

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