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Jerry Hooper

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New Member
Aug 15, 2016
Kansas City, MO
We took about a 3-month sabbatical on our pay as you play Dish program, re-upped yesterday and, since then, have no signal whatsoever being generated by our Pathway X2. Various error messages say we've got 4 good connections but no signal. We've reset the receiver, reset the dish, put the dish on top of the RV for the absolute best reception, run coax directly between the dish and receiver. No signal.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I spent quite a bit of time on line with Dish and they weren't able to provide any solutions.

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SatelliteGuys Pro
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Apr 16, 2011
West coast
I might try connecting the receiver to a 1000.2/4 dish to download current software and to re-activate. Then retry it using the X2. Just an idea.
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