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Oct 13, 2003
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On February 16 I found,this program was installed on my Video editing computer without my knowledge. It took over my computer a few hours ago while I was in the middle of editing a video. It sent me a warning that a problem had occurred on my computer and to protect the computer it had disabled further use until I clicked on a button and installed a fix.

My first thought was nothing was wrong, but this was just ransomware. Instead, I began to reboot and discovered my C drive was disabled so I couldn't reboot. Fortunately I had my clone C drive handy so I put it in and connected the corrupted C drive as a basic data drive. Rebooted and proceeded to delete all the files in the folder for Winthruster. Rebooted successfully with the original C drive and looked for an uninstall listing in the Programs and files folder and nothing there. Decided to perform maintenance on the registry and broken path files with AVG maintenance tool. It found all the broken links to winthruster in the registry and repaired that.

Looking up the software online indicates it might indeed be ransomware. But worse it appears to take control of your computer and gain access to your files. I have no idea how Winthruster found me but I am seeing more and more ransomware attacks lately on Chrome.

Any of you know anything about this attack? I hate it when software companies try to force me to buy their fix to something they broke.
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