Intel Core i7-7Y75 vs i7-7500U


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May 29, 2006
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These are confusing me a bit. Looks like the 7Y75 has a lower base clock, but with turbo boost is 3.6ghz and GPU model is 615. 7500 has GPU 620, much higher base clock, but is much more power hungry.

Looking at a work (office and vpn use) and personal use (email, web sites, youtube) with no gaming laptop, any recommendations?

Also, with Windows 10 64bit, any large difference for my use between 8gigs of ram and 16?

An i7 is probably overkill.

You need to be much more specific about your usage. If you run Microsoft Office versus an alternative, computing requirements can be significantly higher. Any 6xx series GPU is more than sufficient for HD.

I think that the deal with RAM on the latest core processors is that you need either four modules or 8-lane chips to get the ideal 64 bit pipe.

Finally, you should make is absolutely clear whether you're talking desktop, notebook or tablet. It isn't clear from your intro.

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