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Sep 17, 2009
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It was something I mentioned to some team leaders if they would do Wireless Satellite there fore reduce the use of cables or in places like brick houses or let alone a big commerical buildings.

I had heard a rumor that they were testing and maybe do a production.

however they said to me they dont know what they are gonna do to prevent illegal signals going to other people's house that dont get subscription like how people use WiFi in their house from another subscriber. (so why not do a security access protected?)

is this something that is just a story or is it something they are actually working on?

wireless would save a heap of holes, unneccessary crawl space or attic or wall fishing and time for that matter.

just curious.


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Jul 14, 2005
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They already have a CAM card ...
Why can't they continue to use that type of security ?

You still need a AC to authorize signals at the receiver level.

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