Wireless Joey issue and now Hopper 3 issue?


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Oct 12, 2017
Robertsville, MO
Hoping someone here can help because Dish sure hasn't been much help. Several weeks ago the wireless Joey in the bedroom started turning itself off. After some trial and error I found that if I umplug the WAP and the Joey and then plug them back in they will reset and I can watch tv in the bedroom. It's not something I want to do every night for the rest of the contract though. I have spoken with Dish LOTS of times. To date they have replaced the Joey. That didn't solve the problem. They have replaced the Hopper 3. That didn't solve the problem.

Now I seem to have a problem with the "new" Hopper 3. I set it up over the weekend. It was a pain because I couldn't transfer recordings via ethernet, I had to download to external hard drive and then upload again. But I digress.

Two nights ago I turned on the tv in the bedroom (wireless Joey) and wow, it actually came on. BUT none of the recordings would show up. Soooo, I did the trust unplug process and then everything showed up again. But a little while later, my husband was in the living room watching the tv connected directly to the Hopper. Suddenly it changed the channel to a program he was recording and we could NOT get the channel to change to anything else. I was watching a recorded program in the bedroom, so really only one tuner was in use. There are 16 tuners!

Then last night, after the unplug process, I was watching live TV in the bedroom. Went to change the channel, and nothing. Zippy zero. I would not let me do anything. My husband was watching tv int he living room. So we were using 2 of 16 tuners.

Also, this Hopper 3 makes noise. Sounds like the hard drive whirring around. But it's fairly loud. I've never had a loud Hopper before and I've had Dish for many years.

So now I not only have the problem with the Joey, but it seems like a problem with the Hopper. I called Dish this morning and they put me through to "senior" techs. I was so frustrated I told them I just wanted to have a service technician come out, and that I would pay the fee. I just want this to work again. They refused to send anyone! They told me I needed to call them at night when the remotes act up. Not very convenient as I am trying to "power down" to go to sleep. Not power up to jump through the hoops they want you to over the phone.

Does anyone out there have any input on a) the wireless joey issue and/or b) the hopper refusing to change channels issue? I sure hope so. I am so frustrated I don't know what to do at this point. I have 18 months remaining on this contract and the darn thing just isn't working.