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Oct 10, 2017

I currently have 2 VIP722k's with OTA (8 total tuners) and plan to eventually switch to a Hopper 3 plus 2 Joey 4Ks.

The Hopper would serve the main (family room TV). Each Joey would serve three sets and there will be overlap such that a set may have access to both Joey 1 and Joey 2.

I have an extensive wired whole-house IR network that serves all of these locations with the 2 722s located together and not next to any TV. So, I am set up to do IR for everything.

We probably will use RF for the Hopper because the kitchen is attached to the family room and the Fam TV serves both - sometimes at a pretty good distance.

I would like to use IR on the Joeys.

Here is my question: I have read that the Hopper will only work with the remote address set to 1. Is that true for the 4k Joey as well?

Thanks in advance.
Yes they all use IR address 1

Thanks for the info. I can work around that by making the family room system a self-contained IR system. I'll use RF for one joey and ir for the other, requiring 2 remotes at 2 of the locations.

I think I will wait on the change because:

1. The vip722k's are working fine and we have only a rare shortage of sat tuners. I was having a problem with a long HDMI run from one, but I got it resolved.
2. Our OTA seems to be bullet-proof and I like the image quality of OTA.
3. I planned to ask for no equipment upgrade costs, but it looks like right now is not the right time to ask that question regarding the H3.
4. I was interested in 4K content as we acquired an 8000-series Samsung 65in, but it looks like there is almost no Dish 4k conent anyway. I do plan to upgrade my internet speed to use 4k on Netflix.



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