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Sep 12, 2007
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
I have had a wireless joey set up on a seldom used TV for several months with no signal issues. Recently I noticed that the joey had lost its connection. I reconnected it but noticed at the time that the signal was low-in the low 30's. I relocated the WAP to get it a few feet closer to the joey and the signal increased up to around 40 which is about where it had been since installation. However today it is still connected but the signal strength has dropped into the upper 20's. The signal has to go through a couple of walls and the floor to get to the TV on the upper floor about 35-40 feet total.

Could the WAP be going south or does the signal normally fluctuate like this. I could relocate the joey closer to the WAP using a long HDMI cable to the TV but seems like that might only be a temporary fix.

Anybody else had these issues?
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