Wireless PVR (DVR) Modulator


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Oct 25, 2003
I want to record in one room and send the recorded images to my master television in another room. I can not run cables and hoping to be able to do this wireless. Is this wishful thinking. Or cost prohibitive.
I use a wireless thing-a-ma-jig that I got from Radio Shack that works great... Cost $99.00. SOme interference with 2.4 Ghz phones but still will do what you want.
Might I suggest the X-10 DVD Anywhere kit for $69.99

I use THREE of these in my house, and they work great. They do break-up when the microwave is in use, and if I use my 2.4GHz wireless LAN laptop close to a receiver. But you'll have that with all 2.4 products.


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