WJAL (not WJLA) TV in Chambersburg PA to ChannelShare with WUSA-TV in DC

Discussion in 'Over the Air TV By RabbitEars.Info' started by Geronimo, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I am seeing it reported that WJAL will channel share with WUSA----not sure of the effective date. Rabbit ears confirms this though some other outlets report it as "unconfirmed".
  2. Is this early repack information? Do you have any channel information?
  3. Seems an odd combination, as they are so far apart.
  4. Not sure why they're calling it unconfirmed; any random person can dig up the application in LMS.

    - Trip
  5. The owners of WJAL have been trying to move to the DC area for some time now. This is an odd way to accomplish that. I would imagine they hope to stay on all the Hagerstown/Chambersburg cable systems and gain some viewers closer in. Not that they offer much to watch now.

    As for the "Unconfirmed" status note I put it in quotes. I trust the data in RabbitEars. it certainly looks to be the case.
  6. I have to admit that I am not really sure how this type of channel sharing really works. But, if WJAL does wind up covering the DC area I hope they consider getting new call letters. the similarity to the current WJLA is pretty strong and whether they keep their current independent programming or go with Spanish programming as their owner does in other markets it is bound to create confusion.

    Of course there have been rumors about WJLA dropping those call letters ever since they became part of Sinclair.