How do I get an OTA update changed on Rabbit Ears?

Discussion in 'RabbitEars.Info Site Support' started by mwdxer1, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. KATU 2.1 720p Portland OR
    METV 2.2 720p (Change from 480i) (Info direct from KATU and I get METV now in 720p)
    Comet 2.3 480i
    2.4 480i (Coming in 2017)

    Seaside OR
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  3. I've made the correction. Thanks!

    Have a great one.

    - Trip
  4. Does anyone know what 2.4 will be yet
  5. There's been some noise in the forum about a new Sinclair channel coming but not much definitive about when and where it will debut.

    Pray it isn't TBD.

    ASN doesn't seem likely.

    I'm pretty sure all the Spanish language channels are already covered and Charge! is already on KUNP.
  6. It'll be either TBD, CHARGE!, or COMET. You can pretty much bet money on that... So if some sub-channels are already out there as one of those 3, there's only the ones that aren't yet deployed in that area that soon will be..
  7. Charge! and Comet are already covered in the market. This is why I lead with "Pray it isn't TBD".
  8. I edited my post, see above. TBD is then most likely.
  9. TBD is on Kunp 16/47.2 at least that is what wiki says I don’t get that channel as where I am there is a a translator for ch2 right behind my antenna by 15 miles
  10. From what I've heard, TBD is something to be feared as a nearly complete waste of bandwidth. I'm convinced I don't need to hunt it down.

    Don't the KATU translators carry the subchannels now? Maybe it was just mwdxer1 fantasizing from his coastal location. ;)

    Maybe there will be something good come from the repack when it finally gets completed.
  11. NOPE, you are wrong! TBD is a TOTAL waste of bandwidth!
  12. The Katu translators cary everything the main one does at least here in Albany it does
  13. Email From katu engineering regarding 2.4

    There is rumors of this happening, but I have no confirmation of if, when or what it will be. That is a corporate decision and they will let us know when a decision is made.
  14. 2.4 has launched its showing stadium a brand new network that replaces asn that sometimes interrupted other sub channels it’s showing 480i wide screen
  15. Thanks. Updated accordingly.

    - Trip