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Dec 21, 2004
Have any of you guys tried doing PC based FTA remotely? Since I've moved, I can't put up a dish for FTA due to neighborhood rules, however my brother is now living at my former home and I have an old Primestar dish up there. I'd been toying with the idea of putting up a second, motorized dish as well before I moved. Now when I had my Primestar dish, I played with it using Slingbox, but I'm thinking of going with a mythTV setup at home, and I'm wondering if any of you guys had messed with PC-based FTA over the internet? Either via mythTV or by other methods. I would be perfectly content with watching video over the 'net with VLC or similar, but what about controlling the dish remotely? I'd rather not have to do something kludgy like remote desktop or VNC into the computer, but would rather have an application running locally that sends commands. Anyone have any experience in this realm?
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