WorldSport-HD Alert: Real Madrid vs Sevilla at 2PM EST 3/28

I really enjoy this new La Liga program!
Interviews with players, sketches of the cities where the games are played, the latest league updates and even goal-by-goal week reviews.
Very informative and interesting! Well done!
The game is on! Ronaldo is back in the lineup. It's been awhile since we saw him on the field...


It took Solari less than 6 minutes to open the score! R. Madrid is ahead 1:0.
Real Madrid did not waste too much time with less than 10 minutes Solaris scored for Real Madrid.

Ronaldo score with 44:00 minutes... 2-0 Real...
Sean Mota said:
Missed how Sevilla scored. Now the score is 2-1 Real Madrid on Top.

Zadine.... Goal 3-1 Real.... 64:05 gone by.

Maranon and Salgado Yellow Cards. Game is getting heated. Very hard tackles being applied from both Teams.

71:14 Salgado is down. He was clipped by goal keeper (not intentionally).

Zadine all by himself and Esteban the goal keeper (Sevilla) saves it. It is raining and it looks like it is cold.

Magnificent. Ronald thunder through the middle through three defenders and the ball was deflected by goal keeper but there it was Salgado who scored and now 4-1 Real. Salgado got his revenge... 76:28 gone by...
Sevilla actually scored on an 11-meter penalty kick. Very questionable penalty I should add...
Ronaldo the 2:00 extra minutes... You know what it's called in Spain when the team scores 5 goals? A "manita" meaning we have slapped you in the butt...

Game over... Next week another exciting game..
It's been a complete domination of Real Madrid! The penalty made it close for a moment (2:1), but not for long. This game was critical for Real Madrid to keep the first place in the league with Valencia being just one point behind.

The final score: Real Madrid 5 - Sevilla 1.

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