Worst Sports Years As A Fan You Can Recall



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Apr 15, 2008
This is a topic that I had on DBSForums, and I'd like to bring it up on here.

As a sports fan, what do you consider some of the worst years as a sports fan you can recall?

Here are three of my not-so-favorite years:

2003- While both the major collegiate champions (Ohio State, Syracuse) had intrigue and a feel-good element (Buckeyes upset Miami as a huge underdog in a thrilling title game, Jim Boeheim finally wins a title), the NFL had a brash and cocky Super Bowl winner (Buccaneers) and the MLB had a loveable Cinderella in the Marlins, you couldn't find much interest in my major sports of interest: hockey and basketball.

Arguably, the most boring teams in each of those sports (Spurs, Devils) won championships in incredibly dull fashion that nobody wanted to watch at a time when interest was very low; by that time, it was clear that Martin Brodeur and Tim Duncan were killing intrique and any reason-to-care in their respective sports (This was pre-lockout NHL, when offense was horrifically low)

Also, my Sabres teetered near bankruptcy and extinction with a terrible team, and my A's found ANOTHER way to gag in the postseason.

1995- A couple of all-time dominant power maintained their greatness (UCLA Basketball. 49ers) and a mighty powerhouse finally won the big one (Braves), but it was in my major sports of interest that again left me feeling ill.

The trap-happy, Jacques Lemaire-coached, and unbelievably BORING Devils won a Stanley Cup by sweeping Detroit and basically setting up a near-decade of horribly boring hockey.

Also, a mediocre Rockets team basically sold their soul to win a fluke championship. Heart of a champion, my ass! (Before Duncan and the Spurs, the Rockets were the team I couldn't stand, and I hated Hakeem the Dream more than any other player before Duncan joined the NBA)

2005- Also a not-so-good year for me- at least for part of it, but that first part was so painful for me.

To recap: I had to sit through another soulless and hard-to-get-interested-in Patriots Super Bowl season that ruined what was a great 2004 season, no NHL because of the lockout, and, worst of all, a Spurs/Pistons final! (I boycotted that series and did not watch a second)

However, things got better in the fall- 2005 had an amazing college football season, the NHL did return (my Sabres REALLY tore it up for a while) and the White Sox won the World Series with A's castoff Jermaine Dye reviving his career (Dye was my favorite AthleticBTW)


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Jan 27, 2004
1994 for baseball. I think that's the year they had the strike and there was no World Series.

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