Would this receiver work for FTA?

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Apr 25, 2004
North Carolina
Picked up a Uniden UST4600 from a new D* customer, they were going to throw it away... Would this receiver work for FTA, I have been reading on here and am really interested in FTA, but am really new to it.

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A Uniden 4600 is for C-band, but would also work for KU. You could pick up some stuff with it, but the best option would be to slave it to a DVB receiver.
I've got a Toshiba TRX-120 slaved to my DVB receiver. They work hand in hand. Some stuff is broadcast in Analog, and thats where the Uniden (or Toshiba) would work. But to get most of the FTA stuff, you would need a DVB receiver, which handles digital signals. :)
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