Wow...Dish Still Has Serious Equipment Issues


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Supporting Founder
Mar 15, 2005
Eastern NC
Back to Dish today after a joyous VOOM experience.

Got the 942 and the 811. The 811 is an utter piece of crap. 3 hours and 3 reboots necessary. Dish tech support tells me that the "software tends to get messed up" so when I lose video and audio to power off and power back on.

So far I've lost audio and video twice and audio by itself once. Is this typical?


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Apr 7, 2004
SatelliteGuystonfieldville, U.S.A.
I must be lucky because I never had a problem with my three VOOM receivers in the year plus I had them, and my 942 and 811s are working perfectly in the week I have had them - not one hiccup or glitch...and I have put them through hell and back. So far the 942 appears to be an excellent receiver and the 811 acceptable IMO.

Conner Dain

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Apr 16, 2005
Dallas TX
Two weeks for me with a 811 and no problems to speak of. I'd love a 942, but I'm too cheap to buy one. If they ever offer them for lease, I'll be all over it.


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Feb 1, 2005
Galion, Ohio
I have an 811 & a 30? and we ordered some of the interactive games for the grandkids and every time they play on the 811 we have to reboot because there is no sound. The other receiver works fine though.

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