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Jan 6, 2016
anyone play World Of Warcraft? I recently have been getting the itch to play it after an install the other day. The guy had a huge gaming station in a room I was setting up a Joey Receiver.
I watched as he played his Orc Hunter on UHD graphics flawlessly across the screen while the box did its downloads.
I have not played since Warlords of Draenor came out, and I really wanna play. Has anything changed? Is it worth it, or is Nostalgia of my 10+ years getting the best of me?
I don't have a lot of time to play, raising my daughter , married, and work 6 days a week as a Dish Tech, but boy I miss it.
Thanks for any info on what's going on !



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Sep 20, 2007
I can't speak for long term quality but apparently things haven't been going well lately. They stopped recording subscriber numbers because their numbers got too low, and apparently their last big expansion that they made pissed off a lot of players. You can play the game for free up to the first 20 levels I believe, but if you have an existing account I'm not sure if you'd be eligible, but at this point you may be better off just getting a new account.

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