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Dec 2, 2005
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I don't know all the matches

But I see Mchannon vs Bret(dispite the "car accident" :rolleyes: on RAW

I see this as the out come

Bret VS McMannon

Fight goes back enforth

the match is nearly over. Bret gets Mc Mannon in Sharp Shooter,

just befoore MCMannpon taps out Bastia jumps into ring kicks Bret in head.
Bastia starts beating on Bret with McMannon edging him on, then suddenl;y(the Hart Foundation comes down-don''t recall Neihart daughters name or the two other Harts names) they come down they start to fight with Bistia.

Then suddenly Shane & Stephine McMannon come down get involed.

Hence you've got :angel: Hart Foundation :angel:VS :rant:McMannon :tux: Dinesty Feud


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Jun 30, 2005
It will be intresting to see where the storyling goes with the "Broken Leg" before wrestlemania, what are we about a month from Mania?

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