Wrong data for WNDY 23, Indianapolis area


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Jan 13, 2006
Here in the Indianapolis area, WNDY 23 recently started channel sharing with WISH 8. After the switch, the data guide is wrong. WNDY now shows the WISH data. I have a 722K with OTA tuner and on the flex with no locals. My mother has 722K with no OTA tuner. On locals, her WNDY 23 data is correct. So there must by something wrong on Dish's end. If I would add locals for a day on the flex, do you think that might fix the WNDY 23 data problem?
I should add that posted on Dish's facebook and their mydish communities, with no response. The dishquality@echostar address is no longer valid.
This is common when channel sharing starts. We have several examples of it here in DC. I have reported it but DISH seems not to even understand the issue or insistting it is my imagination.
There are examples of this in the Cleveland, Ohio market, also, so it is not your imagination. The problem is the way that Dish's system maps the satellite-delivered guide data to the OTA channels in the guide. They match the TSID that the station is broadcasting, and the subchannel number (-01, etc.) to their guide database to determine which guide stream to map to that channel number. The problem with this is that when two stations start sharing the same frequency, they now both have the same TSID, and they both have virtual channels that end in -01. So, the guide data for the host station gets incorrectly mapped to both channels in the guide. Dish apparently has not found a way to differentiate the different channel numbers that come before the -01, to map the correct guide data to the correct channel.
Lubbock's KJTV channel 34-1 is mis-mapped to the guide data for their 34-2 channel. It should be mapped to channel 34-0 and has been that way for months.

I have contacted the station and they assure me they submit the correct data to Rivo, evidenced by TiVo having the correct data, Titan TV has the correct data, TVGuide has the correct data, only Dish is wrong.

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