WS9036 90cm Ku band dish and a DMX522 Dual Linear Ku Band LNBF (1 Viewer)

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Mar 19, 2010
Please help. I spent another three hours last night on the roof trying to get TV signals coming from Satellite Galaxy 19 Located at 97 Degrees West (my location data is shown below). I got 1 TV/1 Radio (with English audio, with TV showing color bars) after selecting Universal LNBF (LO frequency 9750/10600 MHZ) in my receiver. The signal quality was about 35% and after rotating my LNBF from 22.8 to zero, the signal quality went to 65%. The 1 TV / 1 radio are coming from 11991 MHZ, 13V vertical, Skew – not set, Symbol rate=20000.

Can you please tell me how I can get the other stations? The default Symbol rate for 11991 MHZ is 22000. I get nothing with symbol rate of 22000 and I only get the 1TV/1Radio stations with symbol rate set to 20000. What is the reasoning behind this? Is something wrong with my LNBF? Could I be getting the 11991MHZ from a different satellite?

THANKS for any help…

I am located in Springfield VA 22152 and I got the following settings for my location:

Latitude: 38.7807°
Longitude: -77.2158°Dish
Azimuth: 209.9°
LNB skew: 22.8°

Tech support told me that my Azimuth should be ~220 (to compensate for magnetic effects).
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Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
What's the name of the channels that you get?
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Dec 19, 2008
What type of LNBF are you using? If it is not a "universal" it might require the "standard 10.750" setting in your receiver. If it is "universal" you might have to set the 22KHz to "on" or "off" but most receivers do this automatically when set for "universal" LNBFs.
Do you have any switches in the line between the receiver and LNBF? If so make sure the receiver is set to the right port. Sometimes easier to set up without the switch in line(if you use one) for aiming the dish.
Might want to give a description of your receiver, LNBF, dish , and channel(s) you are looking for.
Best of luck..
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