WTBS to go HD first Brave Game Telecast June 1st, 2004



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Apr 1, 2004
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someone on the AVS forum announced that TBS will carry the Braves baseball games in HD. Any truth to this? If it does will it appear in HD on Voom? or is the allocated bandwidth set for only an SD signal?

here is the post:
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]"Guess I really should have put the whole post in, but not much is relavent outside of Atlanta past what I've already said...

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:55:08 -0000
From: "Dan " <dano_tech@yahoo.com>
Subject: Braves in HD Coming June 4th

This JUST IN from WTBS Atlanta:

Q: When will the first HD game air?
A: June 4 is the first scheduled Braves HD telecast.

Q: Which Comcast HD channel will air it? (if any will)
A: Don't know what Comcast channel it will be on. Watch your
program guide around June 1 for details.

Q: Will our WTBS digital Ch. 20 actually broadcast the HD signal
over the air?
A: TBS-DTV CH.20 will be carrying the broadcast over-the-air.

Q: Since I have never seen anything broadcast in HD on TBS OTA,
do you mean that the broadcast will be a true 1080 HD signal?
A: The current plan calls for carrying the games in 1080i on CH20
but as with all technology there are a number of obstacles to
overcome before it will occur. If the mixed format problems are not
worked out by then, the games will be upconverted from the TBS SDTV

Q: Will the games air with DD5.1 sound?
A: Really depends upon how soon the plant gets upgraded. We will be
Dolby Pro Logic II on the stereo channels so anyone with a Dolby
decoder can hear it in surround.

This information comes from a high ranking TBS manager. As you can
see there are many upgrades needed to make all our dreams come
true. I feel certain that TBS will make it happen for all of us
Braves fans. Pardon the long post. (it's my first)"

Sean Mota

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Made it into its own thread. Thanks for the post. The big question is that we know TBS telecast Braves baseball games nationally. Is this the case here or is it local only to Atlanta like the deal with WGN?


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Apr 1, 2004
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Braves in HD would be awesome. but then again your a yankee...:p lol just kidding I cant find any confirmation or mention of this anywhere, could be a hoax.


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Nov 25, 2003
Are ya sure that it won't be on TNT HD?

I will be able to get this channel via Time Warner next month (May)