WWE ppv back on Dish

Darrell S

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Jul 13, 2004
Parts Unknown
Good news for us folks with crappy rural internet. If I ever decide to watch one of these, I have to sub to WWE and put up with a ton of buffering. If I have enough Verizon data or carryover data, I use personal hot spot and set the WWE player to the lowest quality. :clapping
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Jul 31, 2011
How do you know how much WWE charges for PPV?
Take it easy. I wasnt singling out dish. I dont know exact numbers. I just remember seeing an interview with vince mcmahon where he stated that the tv providers insist on ridiculous markups and it will be nice to be able to cut the middle man out. They asked him how they can afford to give away the ppvs for $10 especially big ones like wrestlemania and summerslam

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