WWE Wrestler uses Remixed Mega Man Song for Theme


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Sep 20, 2007
So there's a WWE wrestler named TJ Perkins who apparently is really into gaming, or at least really into Mega Man. His Twitter handle is MegaTJP and he once used the Quickman theme as an entrance when he was in Evolve.

Last night was his WWE debut and this is what it looked like

If the music sounds familiar, its because it appears to be a remake/altered version of the Dr. Wiley stage theme from Mega Man 2.

And even the official Mega Man twitter account acknowledged the theme.

His theme (which can be played here) is called "Playing with Power." And if THAT phrase sounds familiar..


I just thought it was really cool to see something like this. Nice to see game stuff show up in other forms of media and art at times where it's not simply saying something bad about gamers and/or games.
According to TJ, his entrance and theme was all his own creation.

Also, apparently he really likes Overwatch.

And unsurprisingly, Mega Man 2 is his favorite of the series.


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