No Man's Sky Thread

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  1. Probably won't pay more than $20 to rebuy this and only then after significant patches.

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  2. I can see it now: No Man's Sky: The Advertised Edition
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  3. Same here. I'm still surprised the price on used copies hasn't crashed at GameStop yet.
  4. Geoff Keighley, game reporter/hyper/whatever he is is hosting a new show called "Live with YouTube Gaming." Anyways the relevance to NMS is that in his last show, he talked a bit about the game and why he has been silent about it until now, and mentions that he thinks he may be able to get Sean Murray on his show to explain what happened with the game. Whether this happens is anyone's guess of course.

    If it doesn't cue up right skip to 1:47:45.
  5. Yet more good news for NMS from PC Users.

  6. PSN has this on sale for $39.59. Still about $30 too much.
  7. I'm glad they are still updating this game since I did enjoy parts of it. Maybe I will give it another shot eventually to see the changes they have made.
  8. Looks like the newest update brought with it a number of graphic and performance boosts for PS4/PS4 Pro owners.

  9. I have been planning to come back to this eventually and see what has changed since I played the original release. There were very cool elements to the game even at launch despite the overwhelmingly negative response. I probably won't be jumping back in any time soon but hopefully these updates turn it into a much better experience before I do jump back in.
  10. The update has now been released. A LOT of stuff has been put up, but the biggest addition is probably the foundation (no pun intended) of multiplayer.

    Atlas Rises Update

  11. It looks like this latest update is EXACTLY what NMS needed. Player counts are up, and the Steam rating for recent reviews has been bumped back to Mostly Positive.

    It's sad that it took literally a YEAR for the game to finally resemble what it was selling to everyone, but maybe now everyone can feel less cheated by their purchase of this game and NMS won't go down as the most disappointing game of all time anymore.
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